Outfits Jan 09, 2014

Chill in Floral

Coat – Zara // Shirt – Target // Sweater – Francesca’s //  Jeans – JOE // Shoes – Old Navy // Scarf – Target // Bag – Francesca’s

Since I am a West Coast, born and raised California girl, anything below 52 degrees is considered freezing. After visiting the East Coast last year during this time I experienced cold weather in its purist form. To my surprise, I didn’t mind the 38 degree drop in temperature. However, listening to the recent East Coast weather reports about the frigid icy cold weather this year, I may modify my viewpoint about the drastic weather change. Since living in San Diego for the past two years and wearing dresses and skirts (without tights) in the month of January, I am embracing the chilly days in San Francisco where I can add layer on top of layer. My sister bought me this floral scarf for Christmas and I absolutely love it. Generally, I would not wear a scarf as an accessory but I love that it instantly adds color to my usual black ensemble.

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