Outfits Jan 13, 2014

Lojel Luggage

I am a serious homebody so the least bit of traveling or packing gives me a minor case of anxiety. In order to avoid and alleviate any and all stress I try to stick to a packing régime so that I eliminate the potential to forget something while packing for a trip. Prior to receiving my Lojel LUGGAGE that neatly holds all my necessities, I dreaded pulling out my (mini/beat up) suitcase to start packing. Normally I would fill my suitcase and then I would have to use multiple small bags to fit everything that I needed to bring with me. With my new Lojel suitcase I am able to navigate through the airport while looking like a pro traveler. Since the luggage is lightweight it helps prevent tipping the scales with the airline weight limit restrictions. I love the multiple compartments inside the suitcase which helps me to stay organized and the hard-shell case on the outside is unique. I Can’t forget to mention the multi-directional four bottom wheels which have made traveling to the airport, from the airport and through the airport much more manageable.

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