Outfits Jan 30, 2014

Super Bowl Snacks

Chicken Parmesan SlidersPotato Skins

Grapefruit Mojito | Chicken Tortilla Soup 

Bacon Brownies | Chocolate Chip Cookies | Oreo Bark

Sadly, my team (the 9’ers) will not be participating in the Super Bowl this year. We ended up a few points shy of the victory two weeks ago against the Seahawks. Although the NFL team I cheer for most often will not be fighting for the title this year, I always enjoy watching a good football game and laughing at the hysterical TV commercials. However, no Super Bowl Game would ever be complete without nibbling on scrumptious treats throughout the game. I always look forward to indulging and enjoying all of the spectacular foods from sweet to salty to savory during the day on Super Bowl Sunday. I went back through my blog and reviewed some of my favorite food posts and I decided to re-highlight several of my recipes that would be a great welcome addition to any Super Bowl party that you may be attending this weekend.




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