Outfits Feb 04, 2014

Brooklyn Blue

Unlike the cold weather on the  East Coast, the West Coast climate has been mostly sunny, with a high of 72 degrees (on a good day). As sad as it may sound and as much as I love the warm California weather, it rarely feels like we experience a true winter. The past few days have been much more brisk than the usual temperature.  Mornings start out cold, but as the day continues the warm weather always evolves. Fortunately, I have been able to throw on skirts and dresses without having to wear leggings  underneath. Normally I am drawn to solid colored bottoms, but back in November  I bought this flirty, light weight,  bow printed skirt at Forever21.  The feminine detail on this shift skirt compelled me to throw it in the bag. The gloomy weather and gray skies that lingered throughout the day yesterday enticed me to add a pop of color to my outfit by throwing on my favorite cobalt blue coat from SheInside.

Sweetness and Light Photography

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