Outfits Feb 05, 2014

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

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I used to dread Valentine’s Day because I thought that it was all about having someone special to spend it with. If I didn’t have that “special someone” I would throw a pitty party on the 14th. This phase only took place during my teens… I mean not having a boyfriend or “Valentine” on Februray 14th was the end of the world or at least it seemed that way at 14…15…16… and even 17. Now, being (not) that much older and (not) that much wiser, I love Valentine’s Day. Over the years, I’ve realized that this special day is about spending it with people you love, admire  & respect, including your own family,  friends, co-workers and other families or people that you adore.  The past couple of days I have been collecting little gifts to surprise people with on the one day of the year that a  majority of the population “hates” to celebrate. I have assembled a gift guide for any female in your life whether it be a girlfriend, fiancé, sister, mom, cousin, wife, friend or grandma. Something as simple as a new lip gloss or a workout headband or just a simple, thoughtful, meaningful handwritten card or note could potentially be more appreciated than a box of store bought chocolate and overpriced roses. Remember  items that she may have mentioned while out shopping or items that she has continually talked about wanting over the past couple of months and surprise that someone special in your life with a unique gift on this love filled celebrated holiday on February 14th.



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