Outfits Apr 17, 2017

Ma in Manhattan


The first time my mom visited Manhattan she stuck out like a sore thumb.

First, she packed every high heel in her closet and didn’t bring one coat (in the middle of Feb). Like, homie! Come on… you have an iPhone check the weather.

Second, every barista loved her and every person in line behind us hated her. Going to Starbucks or any coffee shop without her stopping to dish out a million compliments  “I love your nail color, it looks so great on you” OR “That green makes your eyes pop” was impossible.

She definitely brought that “Cali” (I hate when people say that) vibe. It as obvious she was from out of town, but I was so excited that she was in my town that I let her do her thang …for about 48 hours before I told her “Mom, you can’t just stop in the middle of the sidewalk at 9am to look at the job listing poster on a scaffolding, you WILL get run over and yelled at”.

The second time Ma visited Manhattan she was ready to go. Comfy shoes, cute coats new haircut ready to strut her stuff. The first trip was fun, but the second was even better. The weather was amazing, we wandered the city with her bag full of snacks in comfy shoes and ate at local hot spots (she thought were Michelin Start restaurants) but were really just fast and convenient and were home watching Grace & Frankie by 9 pm.

I think my mom’s favorite part of her trip was eating at Vapianos. She is obsessed with the place, honestly, it’s the only thing she talks about when it comes to NYC. Not gorgeous central park, not the ability to be able to get anything and everything at whatever time you want or the endless options of restaurants & entertainment.  Her recommendation is a fast food Italian joint in Union Square. If someone is on the radar to visit me, she makes sure to call and text “You have to take them to Vapianos”. Back in California she speaks of the place as if it is  Eleven Madison or Babbo. When in reality it’s the Italian version of Chipotle. I mean I’m not gonna lie, it is a nice casual pasta spot with quality food and has a great vibe! The portions are big and the wait is usually minimal.

Moral of the story: Mom is no longer a NY newbie and Vapianos is worth trying!



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