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Travel Guide: Mendocino

Trip Highlights

Seal Pal’s Cove
The Bridge at Sunrise


This time instead of heading south on the coast of California, we decided to take a trip up north, where the coast line is a little more rugged, but just as breathtaking (if not more). Mendocino is one of those historic, yet forgot about towns that is the perfect place to sneak away for a completely off the grid experience. It’s quiet, slow and full of beauty. We stayed at Heritage House Resort where the film “This Time Next Year” was filmed. It has come along way since 1978, however the view from the resort is just as incredible as it was 43 years ago. 

The grounds

They were super well kept. There are trails that circle the property and a secret little stairway that gives you access to a private cove where you can sit for hours and listen to the waves crash against the large rock. Throughout the property there are multiple fire pits where you can roast marshmallows or sip on wine or tea (whatever your preference).  

The room

Our room at Heritage House Resort was a large sized room with the most incredible view 24 hours a day, not just at sunset. Even at 2:00 AM the view will take your breath away. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night just to sit on the patio and listen to the sounds of the ocean while staring at the stars. Something you don’t really get to do in New York City. 4 hours later, I would wake up just to see the pastel colored sky cover the ocean as the sun rose behind us. The room had a large comfy king size bed with a gas fireplace, tv and a mini fridge, the bathroom was clean and large. The patio might have been my favorite, I could have sat there all day. In fact, next time we go back, I would do just that. 


While the food as well as options in Mendocino are not the greatest, we definitely found some gems spots that we look forward to going back to. 

Sea Pals Cove

I dream about this place. We stumbled upon this spot while checking out the cove. The little seafood shack full of locals, is tucked away behind an auto body shop, but the reviews online said it was a “must try”. I planned on getting a burger or some clam chowder because I am not a Fish ‘n Chips kinda gal, but when I saw the Prawns ‘n Chips I was sold. Let me tell you, these were the best Prawns I have EVER had. Paul had the Fish ‘n Chips and they were good, but the second day we went back for lunch we both got the Prawns. In addition to solid food, the vibe is causal and relaxed, local fisherman stop by for a bite after they come back in from catching for the day. To top it off, they have a large fire pit which they get going mid day, to me the smell of wood burning fire out doors is so comforting. 

The Good Life Cafe

Stopped at the Good Life cafe for breakfast almost every morning. They had good coffee, a large selection of pastries and a fantastic breakfast burrito. 

Personal Notes: 

Next time we go back to Mendocino, because we definitely are going back. We will pack differently. The weather is very brisk especially in Spring. Make sure that you pack layers and they are warm.  Also, pack a blanket to bundle up on the porch early in the morning and late at night. If you rise early (like us), I recommend bringing your own Keurig Pods or mini coffee maker/french press. The restaurants and cafes don’t open until 8 or 9 am and the lobby was not offering coffee or breakfast. It would have been nice to relax on the patio in PJ’s with a good cup of coffee. The town of Fort Bragg and Mendocino is small, you could really tour both in one day. We made multiple trips back and forth, which ended up being a lot of driving and not as much relaxing.Many restaurants are closed on specific through the week so be sure to check your options before you book. 

The coastal route is truly incredible and breathtaking, I suggest you take it at least one way, but make sure your tank is full and you have plenty of snacks! 

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