Style Dec 22, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast is my absolute most favorite meal of the day, I could eat it any time of day… all day! Although I do love eggs, oatmeal, and fruit in the morning (my healthy go to meals) sweet sugary carbs (pancakes, french toast cinnamon rolls) are my favorite! Since Christmas is around the corner, I have been on a hunt for an appetizer recipe to have on Christmas day. Instead I came across these mouth-watering caramel cinnamon rolls. As a kid making cinnamon rolls was a piece of cake… you just popped them open,  placed them on a sheet, stuck them in the oven for 20 minutes  and BAM there done. However the  process of making homemade cinnamon rolls is not quite as easy as Pillsbury makes it seem. It took a whole 24 hours before we could actually eat them, but the wait was well worth it. They are a must try, my brother said “there better than Pillsbury’s” … see for yourself and try to make your own!

{ Handmade dough, ready for rolling }

{ Rolled out into a rectangle }

{ Bring on the Butter }

{ Coat it w/ Sugar, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon }

{ Roll It }

{ Cut It }

{ Place It }

{ Cover/Cool It }

{ Bake It }

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  1. So glad I was there to watch these get made! Too bad I didn’t get to taste the final result, they look great though!