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Tis’ the Season

Yesterday morning was a toughie. My family and I had to be out of the house by 5  in the morning to be at Glide Memorial Church in SF by 6 am. Every year my mom, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma and I make the trip to the city during Christmas and Easter (sometimes more than twice a year) to help serve people who are less fortunate than us. We volunteer at Glide Memorial Church on Ellis Street, in SF. This year we had a new addition to the crew, my sister’s boyfriend Tim. Since we all have been to Glide several times before, we all knew what to expect, but when  Tim saw little children who had been waiting in line since 4 am just to receive a free meal he was in disbelief. This experience is such an eye opener every year, and really makes you appreciate what you have. During our shift (breakfast 7-9am) we helped put the fruit, milk, and coffee on the table while also helping serve the food in an assembly line. Hopefully my pictures below inspire you, your friends, or your family members to get involved with your community this holiday season or even in the future. As they walked in, my aunt greeted them with a smile followed by a “good morning” and then proceeded to hand them their plate of oatmeal, bread and eggs. It was amazing to see the amount of people who had thanked her for her kind warm loving smile/greeting (something we obviously take for granted). It goes to show you that one person really can make a difference, whether it’s in someone’s life or someone’s morning, small gestures like a smile can go a long way. So see what you can do to make a difference this holiday season.

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{ The Kitchen }

{ Oatmeal, Eggs, and Bread }

{ Getting milk out of the big bin }

{ Filling the Fruit Bowls }

{Alina starts the assembly line by passing the plates, to Fred to put oatmeal on, then it goes to Luis for the Eggs, then to Fernando for bread and so forth….}

{ Filling up the coffee }

{ Norma, who just received her caffeine for the day }

{ Tim receiving very important instructions on how to distribute the Sugar }

{ Tim’s Organized for the rush }

{ Family Effort }

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  1. OMG… I don’t know what i’m doing… I just wrote a whole message to you and then clicked the yellow star to rate & tell you I liked your Blog and I think it erased everything. I will try to recreate message…

    WOW… you are doing an amazing job with this blog thing. I need to learn more about it and educate my self, I don’t know anything about it! You are right the Glide experience is more rewarding with every visit. We looked bad enough all of us rolling out of bed at 5 but the hair nets and the aprons topped off the look! You are right, Tim did an amazing job managing the sugar distribution/ 4 pkts limit per guest. Many tried to take more from him but he followed through on his strict instructions. Keanu and the brown cousins served the children and the handicap guests in the other room this year … very nervous about the hot coffee they were transporting back and forth from one room to the next, but amazingly, no accidents—–great new experience for them. Up until yesterday, I wasn’t aware that the different shifts had significance. ie: 1st shift are the veterans. Your article brought tears to my eyes, I know your readers will be just as moved as I was!!
    I can’t wait to see the new addition to your blog, “kai’s kids Korner” highlighting all of the little ones that have stolen your heart….soooo adorable!

    I know all of your hard work and dedication will payoff someday. It is a lot of work updating your blog everyday for your followers to read…… on top of Everything else you do…. Keep up the good work, I am sooo proud of you!
    Love Mom
    p.s Hopefully I can figure out how to send the message this time w/ out erasing.

  2. How do I get added to a distribution list so that every time yo post a new day it automatically get sent to me for daily updatE!