Recipes Dec 27, 2010

Holiday Recipes

Peppermint Bark is always a classic during the Holidays. Usually my family recieves a ton of it from relatives/family members, but this year I decided to make our own. I started to get teary eyed when my white chocolate wasn’t melting correctly (looked like cream cheese)  but with a few table spoons of warm water and a drop of caro syrup, my chocolate and I were back in business. I used this recipe which was very simple and turned out amazing even with the white chocolate fiasco.

This Brunch Souffle is something my family only has once a year, Christmas morning. Although it is super simple and delicious it has become a tradition that we only cook it for Christmas morning. The great thing about this recipe is that you can prepare it the day or even two days prior to cooking it!

As a child these use to be my favorite appetizer.. well maybe not the whole thing but definitely the bacon. My siblings, cousins and I would take a Rumaki but only eat the bacon and leave the water chest nut on the plate. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago where everyone stated to eat the whole thing water chest nut included. This is my sister Alina’s specialty, she makes them every year for Christmas and Thanksgiving sometimes even parties we attend, they are always such a hit (they are literally gone in seconds). She makes it look so easy so I asked her for her recipe which is listed below.

Step by Step by Alina Andrade
Water chest Nuts:
– Open 5 cans of water chest nuts. Drain them. Wash
them. Dry them
-  Put them in a bowl with a lid and pour soy sauce until
they are completely submersed in the soy sauce.
–   Add a dash of garlic salt and pepper
Let them sit for one day in the fridge

– Cook 2.5-3lbs of bacon
– Pat grease off bacon and then cut them in half
(**Alina’s Tip: make sure the bacon is soft enough to wrap around a water chest not, if crunchy/crispy they wont work)

– Take water chest nuts out of fridge.
– Get a bowl of brown sugar
– Roll a water chest nut in brown sugar then wrap the bacon around it and stick a tooth pick in.
– Repeat until all bacon/water chest nuts are gone
– Place in fridge until ready to cook

Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
(Watch Closely)


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