Recipes Dec 07, 2010

Mushroom Madness

It has been so cold the past few days, that a creamy soup sounded quite appropriate. Last winter I picked up some mushroom soup from the local store, Linardi’s and ever since have been craving it (I think it’s just the time of year that brought back the craving). I found this delicious recipe which includes both portobello mushrooms (my favorite) and crimini mushrooms. The process of washing, peeling, chopping, and simmering took quite a while. But… the lengthy process led to the delicous smell from the sherry wine, fresh garlic, and mushrooms which lingered through the house all day long. It tortured every family member and guest who walked in the door that day. After pureeing all the ingredients in a blender, the soup became thick creamy goodness. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh french bread because dunking the bread in the soup is by far the best way to eat it. What could be better than a cup of creamy soup with warm olive bread on a cold rainy day!

{ Fresh Rosemary from my backyard }

{ Not a fan of onion cutting it leads to crying}

{ Mushrooms, Onions, Sherry Wine, Fresh Garlic }

{ Portobello and Crimini Mushrooms }

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