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The Coconut Brigade

Listen to a hit song:  I Got Time

Over Christmas break I was honored enough to be invited to a concert that my friends’ band was playing in which I mentioned in this post. Since I grew up with these guys (went to elementary, middle and high school) with them it was amazing to see how far they have come since playing in the 7th grade talent show. Their music is so original and their talent is outstanding. I am so proud of each and every one of these guys. I got the chance to sit down and talk to with an old friend/band member Dan Wissinger, here is what he had to say.

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Q: Who are the band members/ what instruments do they play?

  • Nick McCracken- Vocals
  • Dan Wissinger- Bass
  • Kris Profit- Guitar, backup Vocals
  • Alex Atard- Saxophones
  • Tommy Logan- Drums

Q: What type of music does your band play?
A: We call it a mix between Reggae and Alternative Rock

Q: Where is your band from ?
A: From Danville, CA originally but we also do a lot of shows in San Luis Obispo since Nick goes to school there

Q: How and When did you start?
A: When We stated last December after we all came back from college and wanted to Jam to kill some boredom. A bunch of good songs came out of it so we decided to turn it into a band.

Q: Where does your band practice?
A: We practice in Nick’s Garage when we’re in Danville, and in Nick’s rental house when we’re in SLO.

{ PBR in hand }

{Happy Fans }

{ Danny & Nick }

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Album: Nutty Business

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