Style Jan 12, 2011

Just a ‘lil snicker

When I was little, my mom took my sister and I to the mall every Friday (I now blame her for jump starting my shopping addiction at such an early age). Our trip to the mall was never complete until we got a snicker doodle from Paradise Bakery. Their cookies were so amazing (melt in your  mouth goodness) although the snicker doodles I made were fluffy and delicious they don’t compare to the ones at Paradise Bakery (which is now closed) so now Mrs. Field’s cookies will have to suffice when at the mall.

{ Preparing the dough }

{ x2 Cinnamon and Sugar for x2 the yumminess }

{ Roll them up (I sprinkle the left over C&S once the balls are rolled) }

{ The key to making the cookies nice and chewy is to undercook them about 2-3 minutes … no one likes over cooked cookies }

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