Style Jan 06, 2011

DIY: Fierce Fires

Early September is when we get our large wood delivery (2 cords). Some people are shocked when they see how much wood we order every year, but I can assure you all that every piece of wood that is stacked in early September is used throughout fall, winter and early spring (this year it has been so cold that we might not have enough). After a long day of work or school, it is nice to come home to a roaring fire. I don’t see how people don’t use their fire places… especially during winter (the fireplace in my home is always going). Starting a fire can sometimes be difficult/frustrating, you light the starter block and it burns out … so then you throw paper on it thinking it will give it some fuel… but no it still burns out. The other day I came across these homemade fire-twists that work like a charm and get your fire going in no time they also add a festive decorative touch to a boring wood basket.

Fire Twist’s:
–  Use 2-4 pages of newspaper
– Fold the newspaper in half
–  Twist (braid) the ends together
– Fasten with rope, twine or raffia
– Position your wood just right (leaving room for oxygen to get through)
– Place a piece of the duraflame fire starter (not the whole block) at the end of the braided newspaper and stick (twist) in between your logs, light the top.
– Keep fire-place doors slightly open until the fire really gets going


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