Style Jan 07, 2011

Finally Friday

{ New favorite Spray }

This week has been bittersweet. It first started out with an amazing trip to the snow with my boyfriend and our friends Zack and Lisa. We all had a blast snowboarding or in my case you could refer to it as butt boarding since I spent the whole time falling on mine. Anyway, as soon as we got home it was time to get working. Since I am still on winter break,  I promised to help my mom at work, by organizing filing and stuffing envelopes …I’m like her free personal assistant, woohoo (for her). In between helping my mom at her office, I also had to help the movers move out of the house that I grew up in/the house that my mom rents out. For the past 9 years we have rented the house furnished, but our new tenants are renting it unfurnished. Moving is definitely a bittersweet affair, it’s sad packing up all our childhood memories into a moving box that will eventually be stuffed into a storage unit … but on the sweet side I’m thrilled to have all the furniture from the rental house to be able to use when I move away (very exciting). I guess when one door closes another opens. Below are a couple of things that gave me peace of mind during this week.

{ Company while moving }

{ Sierra at Tahoe }

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  1. my ipod and my ear thingy made it in your blog omg coooool 🙂