Style Jan 04, 2011

French Onion Soup

For someone who hates onions, I’m not quite sure how my obsession with French Onion soup came about. A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I had lunch at “That Bar” which just opened in downtown Danville. After I was done checking out the restaurants upbeat environment, which includes several flat screen TV’s and a Piano Bar, I took a look at the menu. Usually, I am the type of person a waiter wants to kill because I take forever to order, but not this time. The second I saw French Onion Soup it was a done deal. Ever since lunch at That Bar, I have been craving the soup. I was nervous about making my own at
home because sometimes (depending on the recipe) it can turn out to salty, but this recipe from Julia Child’s Cookbook, was simple perfection. Once topped with crusted french bread and fresh melted Gruyere cheese, it became my masterpiece. It also gave me an excuse to use the cute soup bowls from Crate & Barrel that my sister gave me for Christmas.

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  1. You have done it again Kai….can’t wait to try french onion soup but also the referral for resturant in Danville. Your photos are unbelievable and your dialog is perfect. I can’t wait to get your blogs… Congratulations, you are really doing a great job!!!