Style Jan 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by, I can’t believe today is Monday. With the exception of a few sports games on Sunday, majority of the weekend was spent organizing, cleaning and building. Saturday, my family started off  by helping move all of the furniture from our old house into a storage unit (cleaning) , once the task was completed we moved to my mom’s office to help organize her office, then we helped put together my sisters new bed she got for Christmas (exhausting day). Sunday we celebrated my brothers 13th birthday, yes he is officially a teen (I cant believe it) he is now stronger and taller than me but he will always be my baby brother. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends !

{ All finished moving out }

*** Sorry this post is so late, I had a bunch of problems with my server today so hang in there with me while I sort this problem out.

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