Style Feb 02, 2011

Scarf Shine

{Target Scarf, Steve n Barry Jacket, Forever21 Tank, Michael Kors Watch}

The past coupld days the sun has been out which makes for a beautiful day but definitely not a warm one. Sometimes, I run out of the house with only a thin jacket on not enough to keep me warm (thank god for the sweatshirts I leave in the car). Sweatshirts are nice and comfy but put a put a total drab on the outfit you took time picking out that morning. As mentioned in this post, a scarf has never been my go to accessory but after inspiration from these celebs. scarves these days are the number one thing I reach for when I am running out the door. I used to think they were to bulky and wintery but have found that they provide that extra bit of warmth and sometimes add a pop of color.

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