Style Mar 30, 2011

Cruise Time

This Saturday I leave for a Cruise to Mexico. YAY. I couldn’t be more excited for this trip to be here, it came at the perfect time. Here are some beach necessities that I have packed in my suitcase to last me through the week. Tons of fun sunglasses, hats and beach totes. Sunglasses are one of my guilty pleasures, although I don’t buy expensive ones (due to the fact that I often, lose or break them) I make up for that with quantity I have at least 30 pairs of sunglasses in total, BUT I do have my favorites as seen in this post and this post. Another favorite accessory I especially like to bring with my on vacations are hats!!! They are so versatile… and if your like me and am funky about doing your hair in anywhere but the comforts of your own home then you’ll want to stock up on these babies. They protect from the sun, fix bad hair days, disguise a no makeup face or add a touch of fun fashion to any outfit.

1. H & M - Sunglasses – $6.99
2.Forever21 – Black Sunglasses – $5.80
3. Forever21 - Sunglasses – $5.80
4. Forever21 - Sunglasses – $5.80
5. H & M - Navy Blue Glasses – $6.99
6. Forever21 – Straw Fedora – $12.80
7. H&M – Rose Top – $7.99
8. Target – Large Floppy Hat – $12.99
9. H & M - Straw Hat – $7.99
10. Forever21 – Nautical Striped Tote – $12.80
11. Target – Striped Tote – ?
12. Charlotte Russe – Chai Spice Linen – $24.50
13. H & M – Yellow Tote – $14.99




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