Style Mar 04, 2011

Finally Friday

{ My new DIY (aka do it yourself) project this weekend }

This week didn’t turn out to be all that bad. It was filled with lots of errands, homework, and time at The Studio (my new and favorite gym). Oh yeah and some good news … my seeester got into SDSU wooohoo! Any whoo, as another week ends a new weekend begins, and let me tell you I am very excited for this weekend in particular. This Saturday and Sunday is the White Elephant sale in Oakland. I plan on dragging my boyfriend with me (at 6 in the morning) to this 96,000 sq. foot event filled with several things vintage (my fav.) all while wearing my most comfortable shopping clothes. I would say wish me some luck but I think the boyfriend might need some luck wishing this time… 6am & 96,000 sq ft to cover, what a trooper! Here are somethings that are currently made me happy this week.

Cruise to Mexico = 5 weeks away

Do you know how hard it has been to stay away from my favorite GS cookies?? Dooo ya? Doo ya? But I’ve managed ……….. so far.


{ My new best friend who makes me feel semi-professional }

Congratss girlfraand … your nerdyness paid off. Two down eight more to go!! Then decision time  :/ hmmm what will she choose?



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