Style Mar 03, 2011

Brownies and Babysitting

{ Peppermint Brownies }

Every so often I get the pleasure to babysit these adorable little boys. It was perfect weather this week to stay inside, watch movies, play board games, and bake brownies. While it was pouring down rain we started to make peppermint fudge brownies. If you’ve ever tried to make brownies with a four, six and 1 year old you know that it’s going to be messy.. so be sure to wear your grubbies! (I learned my lesson the hard way ….. I will never wear white with little ones) Since the recipe called for two eggs, they each insisted on cracking their own egg into the batter, saying no wasn’t an option, but had I known that cracking their egg meant squeezing it in their hands so that the shells and yolk would be apart of the batter, I would have stuck to “NO”. Oh, well there boys and now we know for the future.  Needless to say we had to start all over. The second time we got it right, they agreed to let ME crack the eggs, if I would let them pour in the oil and water… much easier. Once we were all finished they seemed more interested in licking the bowl and spoon than the actual brownies. As soon as we put them in the oven the question that quickly followed was “are they done yet?”.

We used this recipe

{ Dontchya just wanna squeeze ’em? }

{Before the two eggs became four}

{Unwrapping the York Patties… and “sneaking” some to eat}

{ hmmm… I want some of that }

{Placing the patties in the (eggshell free) brownie mix}

{Yess I got some}

{Very un-interested in helping clean the dishes}


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