Recipes Mar 16, 2011

Is there soda in this bread?

This weekend I decided to make some Irish soda bread, since St. Patrick’s day is quickly approaching (tomorrow!). Last time I made bread (this post) it was theeee longest process, I was very impatient throughout the whole “let it rise” process so the coolest thing about this recipe… is that once you were done shaping it into a ball, you stick it on a pan shove it in the oven. Bread is one of my favorite foods (give me warm bread, olive oil and vinegar, and I’m a happy girl) and apparntly the same goes for everyone in my family, because the second the Irish Soda Bread came out of the oven every one surrounded it. Then hollered to me down the hall …. “can we eat it?” (they know better by now to ask first, because if I don’t get the final product picture, I am not a happy camper & they’re dead meat). But minutes after I was finished taking these beautiful pictures of my masterpiece looking bread…it was gone. So I think it is safe to say that the fam. liked it.

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  1. Kai, omg, your blog is awesome! So much to say about it: 1).what the heck kind of camera do you have…your shots are amaazing! 2). So sorry to hear that your plans have been delayed, but you’re right, things do happen for a reason. 3). I NEED your soda bread recipe…ASAP! 🙂 4). Dan loves soup and I’ve never made soup…your onion soup pictures and recipe have given me the motivation to try! 5). You look FABULOUS! 6). I’m so thrilled to be able to stay in touch with you via this blog. Thanks for sharing! Love ya, Kai…and the kids still talk about you…you clearly made a big impression on them. xoxoxo

    1. Aww thank you very much, I appreciate all the love and support !!! I miss you and your family … to answer your questions:
      1) I use a nikon d3000 with a couple different lenses
      2) I will let you know where I am going as soon as I know … hopefully soon 🙂
      3) here is the soda bread recipe delicious.
      4) You HAVE to try the French Onion it was absolutely amazing… and soooooo easy. he will love it.
      5) your so sweet thank you !!
      6) This is one thing I love about my blog is that I am able to share my love and passion for all things with the world.
      It’s a great way for me to stay in touch with my creative side and allows me to inspire (hopefully) other people!!

      The next time I am in LA… I owe your kids a movie date !! So I will let you know. Please let them know that I miss them and that I say hiiii !!!