Outfits Mar 02, 2011

Not My Grandmas Sweater

Forever21 Sweater, C & C t-shirt, Macy’s Jeggings, Forever 21 Necklace, Forever21 Socks, Marshall Sunglasses, Steve Madden Rainboots, Van’s Beanie, miu miu bag

The weather lately has been so unpredictable that I have been dressing for rain or shine. I do this for two main reasons 1) I hate being cold 2) I hate when my feet/the bottom of my pants are cold and wet … ohhhh and I cant really trust the weatherman these days, he said it was supposed to snow last weekend and it didn’t even come close to raining (sooo I guess there are 3 reasons).  I bought my fair isle knit sweater a couple months ago and the first time I wore it out some one cracked a joke saying “is that your grandma’s sweater?”. I personally didn’t think the joke was that funny, although I do have to admit that sometimes I do sneak into my grandma’s closet and borrow some old belts, scarfs and other thing-a-ma-bobs. But, the second time I wore it out (pictured) I was complimented and told that I look cozy and cute so I learned my lesson to never wear my fair isle knit sweater when hanging out with a bunch of guys.

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