Style Mar 01, 2011

Today is Tuesday

Hello all, today is Tuesday March 1 if you didn’t already know (sometimes I lose track during the week) but NEVER on Tuesday because for me Tuesday is the longest day of the week. It’s bittersweet because two of my favorite classes are on Tuesday’s but on the bitter side I am in school from 9:00 am until 9:30 pm with a give or take 3 hour break (haha that rhymes). Sometimes when im really bored in class, especially during a night class… (besides making my notes super colorful/pretty & thinking about what I am going to eat when I get home), I read through this little book that I got at Urban Outfitter’s a couple weeks ago, I also brain storm of recipes & DIY projects. I don’t know if it helps make the time go by faster or it just distracts me. Last Tuesday in class I brainstormed recipes and fun projects that I could tie to St. Patrick’s day.. here are a few.

{ Irish soda bread I cant wait to make… I wonder if it will be easier than this attempt }

{ I plan on making these cute chalkboard mason jars and filling them with all things green  (jellie bellies) maybe some gold (choc. coins) }




{images via flickr & google }

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