Style Apr 13, 2011

A Family Affair

{ From Left: Tiana, Me, Alina, Momma, Keanu }

Meet my family… I know you have seen pictures of each of them throughout the past couple of months but here are some pictures of us all together. Despite the minor (sometimes major) disputes that go on every so often, were a pretty tight knit family. While spending time together on the cruise, we stopped in Puerto Vallarta, once we docked my mom treated us all to something we have wanted to do for years… swim with the dolphins (thanks momma!). This was by far the highlight of my trip. I was at first nervous about the whole swimming in the water with an animal that weighed over 800 lbs. but I had no time to be nervous since my brother pushed me in the water (without any training). Yes I was in the water with 6 swimming dolphins not knowing what to do, but over the 3.5 hours with these creatures I fell in love. After our dolphin adventure we did some shopping in the flea markets and then took a break for lunch at Senor Frog’s and boy was that an experience (even during the day). I’ll stop typing and let the pictures show how much fun we had that day as a family !

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