Style Apr 18, 2011

Every Girl Needs

Without these 8 essential items I would be lost. These 8 items are something that I use every day and could not live without. When it comes to makeup I am very plane jane and usually only whip out the big makeup case if I am going to a fancy or big occasion (every girl is entitled to a little dress up/make-up once in a while) but for every day use I usually just stick to my basics listed above !

1. Michael Kors – Very Hollywood

2. Bath & Body Works – Mentha Lip Shine – $8.00

– my absolute favorite lip gloss, it tastes good too

3. Nivea – Soft Lotion – Found @ Drug Stores

– I love this because it leaves my skin moisturized but not oily AND you can use it for face/body. My sisters, boyfriend and friends all love it.

4. Mac – Studio Fix

5. Clinique – Clarifying Lotion #2 – $12.50

– This stuff is AHHHHmazing, this literally cleans ALL the dirt off your face, and you feel so refreshed and clean once your done using it.

6. O.P.I. – Nude (depends on your preference)

– I love the look of natural nails, so I usually paint my nails around this color so I have a little bit of something on them but if it chips of you can barely notice.

7. Maybelline Mascara –  (depends on your preference)

– Mascara is a must. Thats all.

8. Maybelline Cream Matte

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