Finally Friday Apr 15, 2011

Finally Friday

{ Picture of the Sunset in Puerto Vallarta }

Surprisingly this week went by pretty fast. I remained in a great mood all up until I received my Biology Quiz back, but besides that this week was pretty calm for having to catch up on a bunch of school work in classes. My trip to Mexico wasn’t technically “my” Spring break… it was my siblings but I ditched school and decided to take off with them for a relaxing week in paradise (surprisingly the consequences of ditching school weren’t to bad). This week is MY actual spring break, I leave for sunny San Diego Tuesday and couldn’t be more excited to hit the beach, the zoo and even catch a baseball game. Here are some things that currently made me smile this week.

{ Great Grandma’s vintage earrings }

{ I finally learned how to whistle with a piece of grass }

{ The sprinklers went on in the middle of my lesson on how to whistle with grass }

{ Playing a game of catch with the boyfriend }

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