Style Jun 23, 2011


{ Graduating Class of 2011 }

Two weeks ago I mentioned some special graduations and told you all pictures would be up last last week… but I forgot to put them up last week so I’ll post them now. As I mentioned in this post my sister Alina and cousin Samantha graduated from high-school this year, and my other sister Tiana and other cousin Alexander were “promoted” to high-school this year. Monte Vista high school has lost some members of our family but has also gained some.. although the ceremonies were freezing and longer than ever I am proud of you all including all my sisters friends who have been like sisters to me for the last four years !!

{ Alina & Brandi }

{ Brandi and her Mom }

{ My cousins }

{ Momma and one of her graduates }

{ Grandma and her graduates }

{ Grandma’s with a soon to be high-schooler }

{ Momma with her other graduate }

{ Samantha and Alina }

{ Tiana and me }

{ My cousin Ally bundled up in blankets }

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