Recipes Jun 30, 2011


I need to let the world in on a little secret. So here it is…., my mom makes the best guacamole ever!! After lounging by the pool, baking in the hot sun, the only thing that sounded appetizing and refreshing to me was a large diet coke, chips & salsa, and Mom’s guacamole. So,I called my mom and told her that I desperately craved her famous guacamole. Twenty minutes later she was home with fresh avocados, tomatoes, onions, lemons and her secret ingredients. Yeah…. I know, she’s amazing, but like really….. I don’t know how she puts up with us (four kids) sometimes. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll post her recipe on my Facebook page this weekend which will be just in time for those fourth of July BBQ’s !! So check out Kailani’s Korner Facebook page and LIKE IT.

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  1. Looking for this guac recipe on your facebook and then I realized this post was from 2011. Can you repost it on your blog? Thanks