Style Jul 27, 2011

DIY Wood Backdrop

{ DIY wood backdrop > $7.00 }

In many of my past food posts such as here and here I used a white table cloth to kapture the deliciousness, to switch it up a bit I decided to make my own backdrop with out spending wads of money. I used scraps of wood from home depot ($0.00), “oops” paint sample cans (0.50 cents) and wood glue ($5.00). This DIY (do it yourself) was fast. fun. and simple. all for under $6.50.

{ Materials: Wood Scraps, Paint Samples, Dry Brush, Wood Glue, Mixing bowls }

{ Use glue to hold the pieces of wood together (use very little) when gluing }

{ 1st paint the scraps a dark wood color with a green undertone }

{ 2nd sloppily put on separate color of paint, I did three boards and used a diff. brown, white, and teal color on top of the brown base coat }

TIP: Mix water and paint color to get a more antique look (50% H2O/50% paint)


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