Recipes Jul 19, 2011

Simple. is. good.

When I was a kid, cheese and pepperoni was THEE only type of pizza I would eat. But in the past two years I started to venture out from your standard kiddie pizza. This is when I realized two things: 1) how you can put anything on a pizza and it tastes amazing and 2) that I could eat it 4 times a week and not get sick of it (no joke). After shopping up an appetite yesterday I was beyond starving. Driving home I realized I wanted pizza sooo we decided to make homemade pizza. Noww this wasn’t the best pizza we have ever made (will share with you soon) but it had a special ingredient that somehow made me focus and finish my essay! (not really though) Although the ingredients were simple… it tasted just perfect.

{ hehe we cheated and picked up dough from Trader J’s }

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