Style Aug 03, 2011

August Third

She is my biggest fan, my best friend, my chauffeur (for those late night pick ups in my teens), the person I look to for answers and support, and sometimes also the person I hate most at a given time (especially when she tells me something I don’t want to hear). My mom and I have always been extremely close, she is always there when I need her and even there when I don’t… we have spent countless Friday and Saturday nights the past two years on the couch watching 48 hour mystery or 20/20 and I will miss those R&R nights with her once I am away at school. Being a single mom without ANY support from our father is considered to be difficult but not for my mom. She is remarkable, she was the one in the ER with us at 4 in the morning, the one at all of our sports events(in the 100 degree heat), the one working her butt off to send us to college, and the one supporting our dreams. My mom has raised all four of us kids on her own so beautifully and she should be so incredibly proud of herself..I am the person I am today because of her.

Happy Birthday Momma Bear you deserve the best day ever! I love you tons.

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  1. K: Tell your mom happy birthday for me. You are lucky to have her and so smart to realize what you have in her. 🙂

  2. Kai – Wow I am teary eyed – You are right God blessed you with and Amazing MOM, and incredable woman that just never stops smiling. Give her my love and wish her Happy Birthday for me! It was so good to see you all at P’s party! Love you and have a great day celebrating your MOM!! YOU ALL DESERVE IT!