Style Aug 31, 2011

Bread and Pasta Please

The last time I was down in San Diego I went to the Ocean Beach farmers market (see post here) and had a “pasta bowl” (at least that’s what I call them). It’s pasta in a toasted bread bowl… it was so delicious that when I got home I decided to replicate it for family and friends. The recipe is so easy, fast and a guaranteed crowd pleaser. I went with a Gorgonzola cream sauce and bow-tie pasta, but pesto and sun-dried tomato is equally satisfying!

**Kailani’s Kitchen Tip: Baste the inside of bread bowl with garlic butter then toast!

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  1. hi
    like some of your recipes—yes i confess to having a big thing for caramel apples,too…well basically all things caramel

    this bread one seemed cool too but didn’t say how to make gong. cheese sauce for pasta! was it just sauce & pasta or anything else…as id like to try it for friends…in the next month or so dieting right now