Style Aug 30, 2011

Snapshots from the move: Part 2

{ Snapshots from the move: Part 1 Here}

Last Wednesday at ten pm, we packed up the RAV4 and ventured down Interstate-5 (my second time in less than a week). The car was packed to the top with not only the rest of my things from home, but also my sister Alinas’, as we said our good-byes there were tears upon tears, it is hard to leave behind a family that is so supportive and loving, but as I sit here and write today’s post I think about all the opportunities and excitement that San Diego has to offer in the months to come. This weekend my amazing mom helped my sister and I both turn my apartment and Alina’s dorm into a place we can call home. Although there were moments the past few days where I snapped and the words “ugh you’re so annoying”… “MOM stop it” and “your not being helpful” slipped out of my mouth…. but in reality she wasn’t annoying and she was extremely helpful. So thank you mom for everything you have sacrificed for us to be able to be the people we are today. I can’t wait to share with you all pictures of the new place, stay tuned!!!

{ Carpet we picked up from Lowe’s }

{ Running errands .. still can’t believe it all fit }

{ Told you it was packed }

{ Putting my new tool kit to use }

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