Recipes Mar 20, 2012

French Toast

My all time favorite breakfast dish would have to be French Toast, which is why I decided to make it yesterday morning. The weather was stormy and ugly which meant it was a perfect day to have breakfast in bed, sip coffee, and work on some homework while watching movies on the computer. Over the years I have learned that making french toast is all about the bread, my little secret is using the whole loaf hawaiian bread where I slice my own super thick slices to soak in the egg mixture. I usually top with some powdered sugar and my favorite fresh fruit (strawberries), but yesterday we didn’t have strawberries so I switched them out for some dried cranberries that I had on hand!

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  1. I so agree with the type of bread being important in French toast. We use brioche over here in France and it’s really good. Will have to try it with hawaiian bread when I’m back in the states.