Finally Friday Aug 10, 2012

Finally Friday

{ My grandmas dress that she decided to hand down to me }

Do you ever have those weeks that feel long but, in reality, very short? Well that sums up my week in a nutshell. I spent time on Monday and Tuesday in Sacramento visiting my boyfriend and it was a nice little get-away. We sat on the couch and watched the Olympics in an air conditioned house and then ventured out for cocktails and appetizers as soon as it started to cool down. The 2nd half of the week was filled with photo shoots and work. Today I will be backstage at the Outside Lands Concert in San Francisco (follow me on Instagram/Twitter for behind the scenes footage @KailaniAndrade) I will end the evening with a much needed family night for my cousin, Angelyn’s (Seen Here) college send off party. I will be mingling and working behind the scenes at the Outside Lands Concert all weekend, so I am excited to be able to share photos of the event next week…. stay tuned.

{ Gorgeous necklace gifted from John Wind Maximal Art }

{ Curious cat while closet cleaning }

{Popcorn + M&M’s = Olympic night snack }

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  1. You are right, Thank goodness it’s Finally Friday!!!!
    Adorable closet cleaner assistant.
    Can’t wait to see what outfit you wear to show off the new necklace from
    John Wind Maximal Art.
    The $250 entrance fee to attend the Outside Lands Concert, is outrageous. You are fortunate to be able to attend behind the scenes, as a guest!! Can’t wait to see your pictures and read all of the inside scoop about your experiences at the event!

  2. I LOVE your grandmothers dress 🙂 I love that you are showing some vintage love slow fashion style 🙂