Recipes Sep 24, 2012

Raspberry Scones

This weekend was definitely and interesting one. After having my bike stolen on Saturday evening the only way to re-cooperate from frustration was to have relaxing Sunday morning brunch. Scones are something that I can never pass up in the morning. Last week I bought way too many raspberries so I decided to use a few for scones so that they wouldn’t go bad. It has been comically hot down here in San Diego so I have been trying to keep cooking in the kitchen to a minimum to avoid sweating in a sedentary position while watching TV. Instead of whipping up a large delicious breakfast like an omelet and hash browns  I settled on the idea of scones. So yesterday morning we sat outside by the beach, enjoyed the fresh crisp ocean air while we ate our raspberry scones and drank our iced coffee. I am never one for using a recipe… I tend to “wing” nearly every time and that is what I did with these scones but if you like to use a recipe then I suggest this recipe.

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