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Acai Smoothie

Most afternoons between lunch and dinner I need a pick me up that is both refreshing and will help hold me over until dinner without starving. Lately, a smoothie has been my go-to meal supplement. A Smoothie is so simple and easy and it makes the perfect afternoon snack. Whether it be cleaning around the house or rushing back to school for class a fresh fruit smoothie always fills me up and tastes so refreshing. One thing I love about San Diego is the amazing acai bowls that are sold everywhere. The only downside to them is paying for them every week on a college budget. When I came across this acai juice now sold at Costco, I thought I died and went to heaven. I am never one for recipes… I’m more of an eyeball kind of girl so for this smoothie I generally put in a half of yogurt, a cup of frozen berries, one cup of acai juice, one cup of orange juice and a drizzle of honey. On days that I have more time, I top it with granola and fresh fruit but when I am in a rush I just pour it in a plastic cup and then I am satisfied for the rest of the afternoon.

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  1. You have a nice enough blender that you should look for the frozen acai purees in smoothie packs. They are much more nutritious than the juices which are just watered-down purees with lots of additives and sugars. The thing about acai is that it is very fragile, so when the purees are processed on a mass level to make juices, many antioxidants are lost. On the other hand, frozen purees lock in the powerful nutrients of acai until you are ready to use them or eat them. Just try to avoid the ones that add soy lecithin, pure acai purees are in lots of stores now and also available online for delivery to your home.

  2. You should look for frozen acai purees, they are more authentic, more nutritious and have at least double the antioxidants of juices. You see the juices are just made from the purees by adding water/other juices and sugar and preservatives and colorings. If they add colorings to a super dark fruit like acai, that means they have already overprocessed the fruit so much that it has lost its color and thus most of its antioxidants. The acai purees are available in many stores and online for delivery to home also.