Recipes Jan 09, 2013

Biscotti Cookies

My absolute favorite cookie is Italian Biscotti. For some reason this tasty cookie reminds me of home. On New Years Day, we watched my friend Zach, a senior at Stanford, play in the Rose Bowl. Instead of our normal game day activities like reading magazines or painting our nails, we decided to mix and knead dough while we sat in front of the T.V watching the game. (recipe here) A couple Christmases’ ago, my mom demonstrated the entire procedure that is required to make these savory little bites. Even though it’s a lengthy and strenuous process, (seriously…., I got the biggest arm workout mixing in the flour) it is always completely worth the work. As much as I love the actual double baked biscotti cookie, I love saving a few of the soft ones to snack on. Since we made eight, yes EIGHT batches we still have plenty of leftover cookies. Biscotti’s are unlike a normal home baked cookie because if they are securely stored in airtight Tupperware or zip lock bags, they can last for over a month and sometimes even longer. Yesterday morning, while catching up and responding to my emails, I decided to nibble on biscotti with my morning coffee!

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