Dessert Jan 23, 2014

Bite Size Peanut Butter Cookies

It seems to be a trend that the month ith the beginning of each new year, the trend seems to be that people make a pact with themselves to cut out sugar and carbs and start eating healthy and exercising daily. WELL….. I wish I could say that I hopped on the bandwagon but I didn’t. I don’t like to restrict myself from specific food groups because then I just crave them more. Decadent desserts are great but not something I continually crave on a weekly basis. I am more of a cookie and cupcakes kind of girl. I stick with the motto that simple is more and apply it to my life in multiple ways. With that said, desserts do not need to be over the top extravagant to satisfy me. During football season my brother would arrive home from his weekly football dinners and bring me a few yummy, chocolate peanut butter cookies. In fact we bonded over them because every Thursday night he would bring his cookies home wrapped in a napkin for me. Instead of saving them and enjoying them throughout the weekend, I embarrassingly, but unapologetically devoured them in one sitting (usually while watching #Scandal). These miniature bites of peanut butter chocolate heaven are a well-kept secret at De La Salle High School but somehow I ended up with the recipe in my inbox and just felt compelled to share this delicious secret with my followers.


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