Recipes May 09, 2012

A new kinda bob

Last Saturday, while taking photos for a high school senior ball, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the colorful, mini, tri-tip, bell pepper kabobs being passed around. I was so busy running from place to place snapping photos that I didn’t have time to actually try one. So, I decided to replicate the appetizer based on sight (not taste) and make my own on Sunday! This is such a simple dish that is both fast and a fun. You can be creative and pile on a variety of delicious, healthy, goodies. I opted to keep it simple, but I guarantee the next time that I make mini tri-tip kabobs (which will be soon) I will stack an assortment of vibrantly colorful ingredients on top to create a kabob masterpiece! Bon Appétit

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  1. I love to grill EVERYTHING in the summer!! No produce is safe from the grill in my house<3