Recipes Aug 16, 2012

Gouda Mac n Cheese

So I admit I have been horrible at posting this week but I have been so busy by the end of the day I am exhausted and just head straight to bed. This morning I will be on my way to Vegas to celebrate my cousins birthday. I am excited for the getaway because I think that it will be just the vacation I need so that when I come back home I will be focused, organized and ready to work. As I mentioned earlier this week I was mildly obsessed with the gilroy mac n cheese at Outside Lands … So I decided to make my own. All recipes are trial and error and while this one was great it could use a little help to make it that amazing. I am excited to make it again back down in San Diego when the weather is chilly and I am in need of some good comfort food (and I will let you know the extra ingredients it needs to make it unforgettable).I know that I have mentioned changes in the past but in the next few days expect a few changes to the site, I have decided to clean it up a little bit and am excited to share it with you.

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