Dessert Oct 29, 2013

My eye on the apple pie

Making Caramel Apples are always on my fall must-do list. Every year I try to add a different topping & flavor to make an assortment of apple treats.  Two years ago I went the traditional routeand last year I decided to dodge the caramel and decided to make candy apples. However, this year I felt the need to replicate one of my favorite caramel apples from our local Chocolate Store. While I am usually a sucker for anything chocolate this “Apple Pie”  Apple,  dipped in caramel, white chocolate and then rolled in cinnamon and brown sugar has a special place in my heart and occasionally  it is one of my regular splurge treats. I decided to recreate them, bag them and give them to neighbors, friends and family members during the month of October.


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